The wheelchair leg exerciser helps the elderly exercise their legs in a squat like fashion and in an elliptical pattern. It has a magnet to help allow for variable resistances.

The origin of the invention starts with Jon Keller Physical therapist.  “I noticed that there was a great need in the nursing homes I was working in for a wheelchair exercise device to help patients do a mini squat in sitting. I realized there is not an exercise device to have somebody exercise in a linear fashion in sitting like a mini squat that could be wheeled up to a wheelchair.” I approached a professor of mechanical engineering named David Lin Phd. He came up with the idea of making it an exercise device that helps patients use their legs in a linear fashion AND in an elliptical fashion with variable resistance. Then we approached a manufacturer that is a guru of business and manufacturing named Robert Kimura. Here is the  proof of concept video.

This invention has a provisional patent completed. It has been completed in its first stage as a proof of concept.

Below is a video of the invention in the proof of concept stage.


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