Stroke Rehabilitation

Usually stroke rehabilitation lasts 3 to 6  months after the initial symptoms of a stroke.  Nevertheless, recent research studies have shown that aggressive rehabilitation beyond this time period, including treadmill exercise with or without body weight support, increases aerobic capacity and sensorimotor function.14,16,17,44

Therapist-supervised, in-home program of thirty-six 90-minute sessions over 12 weeks targeting flexibility, strength, balance, endurance, and upper-extremity function produced gains in endurance, balance, and mobility beyond those attributable to spontaneous recovery and usual care.


The research evidence also suggests that strength training may be most effective when paired with task specific training (Andersen et al 2011, Clark and Patten 2013, Corti et al 2012, Cramp et al 2010, Jorgensen et al 2010, Patten et al 2013) or cardiovascular training (Andersen et al 2011, Jorgensen et al 2010, Lee et al 2008, Sullivan et al 2007). Combining strength training with task specific training may facilitate the transfer of strength gains to function. Recent work by Patten and colleagues comparing strength training combined with task specific training to task specific training alone in the upper limb have demonstrated superior results with the combined training (Corti et al 2012, Patten et al 2013).

Myriad research articles show that the brain has what is called neural plasticity. If functional tasks like sitting to standing, walking, rolling in bed, on and off the toilet and toileting hygiene tasks, showering, dressing, eating if safe per physician or speech therapist are all practiced with repetition with proper supervision for safety then the brain can rewire itself. 

A home exercise program with supervision for stroke patients. Only with close supervision.

  1. Mini squats. Standing  at sink with chair behind you. Supervision with a person standing right next to you is needed. Bend the knees, hold onto the sink , bend the knees 45 degrees, go slowly, perform 10 x 2 x a day , 5 x a week, 6 weeks.

HEP Squat 4


2.  Standing hip abduction at the sink

Perform with a person right next to you only

Hip abduction keeping body upright and straight 10 x left and right side. 2 x a day. 5 x a week. 6 weeks. Performs slowly.



3.  Standing with one hand on a grab bar or the sink supervised

Perform only with a person right next to you

Big step forward and then back

10 x forward with the left leg, with the right leg, 2 x a day , 5 x a week, 6 weeks

Parkinson's patients at exercise class at Exercare, United Hospital



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