Kyphosis/Slouched posture

Kyphosis is excess curvature of the thoracic spine region. It is also associated with a forward neck posture. A picture is shown above of this condition. It commonly affects women because of the anatomy of a woman. The breasts will often pull the shoulders forward and the head will also be more forward.

A Caucasian and Asian female over the age of 65 will be more likely to have complications with this condition because it may cause an anterior wedge fracture of the vertebrae.  This is because they are more likely to have osteopenia or osteoporosis.

The thoracic facet joints will often be stiff. The pectoralis major /chest muscles, upper traps , levator scapulae will be tight. The middle trapezius muscles /lower trapezius, rhomboids, serratus anterior muscles will often be very weak. Consult a local physical therapist for help with this condition. Below is a picture of some of the areas that I am talking about. Other issues related to this condition are pinched nerves in the neck and problems of circulation down the arms called thoracic outlet syndrome.

thoracic spine

Some treatments for this are:

Bracing from an orthotist/prosthetist.  Hangar Bracing, Floyd Bracing, and Infinity Bracing are the most common ones. See below.




Middle trapezius exercises :


3 sets of 10 slowly with a moderately strong theraband. 2 x day 5 x a week 6 weeks. Pull your shoulder blades together with resistance slowly back and slowly forward.  The aim is to help keep yourself in this upright position. This exercise helps you do that more easily.



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