Dequervain’s/Wrist/thumb pain

Dequervain’s tendonitis/tenosynovitis is inflammation of the tendons  and/or outer shealth of the outer thumb region called the extensor pollicus longus and abductor pollicis longus due to repetitive use.

To test for this condition you perform the Finkelstein’s test for reproduction of pain as seen above in the featured image. .

See above in the featured image.  Also palpation of this area of the abductor pollicis longus, extensor pollicus longus of the thumb that help to extend the thumb.


Holding a baby, grasping objects like your computer lap top, grabbing the milk jug, opening jars, using your computer mouse.


Ask your physician if ok to use anti inflammatories

Ask your Doctor if ok to use possible injection for pain

Wrist/thumb splint. I have tried many thumb spicas and wrist splints on patients. The best one I have ever used by far is the controller by Eley and Weber. The picture is below.  This brace can also be used for arthritis of the thumb region joints.

National (800) 559-5975. International (805) 933-2348.



Icing the area if no contraindications (conditions in which ice should not be used ie Rayaud’s, decreased sensation) 20 minutes 3 x a day.

It seems as though any time I have tried to use exercise to strengthen the area it just flares up the inflammation. That is just my personal bias.  Hold on the exercises.



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