Ideal feet positioning

When we walk a lot of us have a flat arch or pronate our feet excessively. This can lead to a lot of problems with the feet, knees, and hips.

Some of the common problems are:

Plantar fascitis

Inner knee pain/meniscus irritation, patella femoral dysfunction

IT band tightness/pain

One possible way to help this is to try standing in a subneutral position.

One possible exercise to help would be standing on one leg and trying to maintain what is called subtalor neutral positioning.  Place your fingertips on the kitchen sink for support and see if you can hold the foot on the neutral position below with a minor arch as seen.

Hold for 30 seconds on the left foot 3 x and then the right foot for 30 seconds 3 x. The basic idea is to then make it more challenging by not holding on to the kitchen sink if you can.



Then when you stand you try to maintain this position on both feet. Then when you walk and run you try and run with your arch not dropping too much. You basically try to run just a little bit on the outside of your foot but not all the way because that could put too much pressure on your 5th metatarsal bone and cause a stress fracture.  If you stand or walk too much on the outside of your foot that is basically called supination. You want to be in a middle or neutral position.



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