Inner ear blockage

Inner ear pain and blockage can hurt profoundly. One possible cause can be a build up of earwax. You should go to an ENT doctor to have your ear thoroughly looked at. You could have an ear infection, excess build up of earwax, calcium carbonate crystals misplaced in the semicircular canals, and the list goes on.

One thing not to do…..

DO NOT stick things in your ear to fish out earwax. Part of the reason we have some ear wax is to reduce infections in the ear. Print

When you put something like a q tip in your ear it is like you are jamming the earwax into the ear further impacting it. You could actually puncture an eardrum as well.

After seeing your Doctor you may ask him/her if Debrox would be helpful. It is an over the counter treatment that is extremely effective at removing excess earwax.  The ingredient is carbamide peroxide that breaks down the earwax safely and helps keep the inside of the ear clean. The instructions basically say to lay on one side of your bed with the ear that is clogged towards the ceiling and put in your ear a few drops and hold it there for about 10 minutes.


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