Shoulder chronic pain

Chronic shoulder pain

The above picture is from the website:

Major impairments/diagnoses that could be causing shoulder pain are:

  1. Rotator cuff impingement (pinching) see previous blog post
  2. Rotator cuff tear (high difficulty lifting arm due to weakness) – see previous blog post
  3. Rotator cuff tendonitis (inflammed and painful tendons of rotator cuff)
  4. Subacromial bursitis (sac of fluid inflammed)
  5. Cervical spine (neck)  pinched nerve referred pain from C4,5 (see previous blog post)
  6. Incorrect posture of the shoulders and or neck (forward neck and rounded forward shoulders)
  7. Frozen shoulder (tissue around joint very stiff – it is called capsular tissue) see previous blog post

Apply the 5 secrets from previous post:

  1. Find diagnoses from Doctor/PT/OT as best as possible
  2. Do exercise below for helping what is called scapula /humeral rhythm – the shoulder blade and the arm bone/humerus so there is less pinching in the shoulder
  3. Do the exercise to help the nervous system pathway of pain to be retrained
  4. Correct mechanics of shoulder and excess wrong biomechanical pressure – (correct posture see posture blog post)
  5. Avoid contraindications (things that would prevent you medically from doing this exercise – check with Doctor/PT/OT)

  1. Middle trapezius muscles shoulder blades squeeze together 30 x , 2 x a day 5 x a week 8 weeks. This is one of the best exercises to help correct a common shoulder problem where the shoulder blade and the humerus do not move up congruously together.  Below the exercise picture is a picture of scapular humeral rhythm.

Image result for standing row exercises with bands


The picture below is from the website:

This is when the scapula and the humerus work well together. If they do not work correctly together due to some muscle imbalance or pain there can be pinching in the shoulder joint region.  This can result in some major difficulty /impairments in the shoulder area.

Image result for image of scapular humeral rhythm



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