Chronic pain mid back/upper back exercise

Chronic Mid back/upper back pain treatment

The above picture is from the website:

It is important to understand what is going on with the muscles when strengthening takes place. That way you can know in your mind – “my muscles are changing – I am creating a shield of protection and support for my injured area.” I want you to see what is literally happening with some pictures. This way the connection from the brain to the nerves to the muscles can be re-wired more effectively.  This can help in essence scrub out the memory of pain etched into the nerves.  This may take 8 weeks of 3 x-5x a week of resistance training.



Image result for Myofibril before and after strength training microscopic image

The above picture is from It shows muscle fibers before and after strength training. The fibers on the right show an increase in size of the muscle fibers.  With strength training the size of the muscle cells increase as satellite cells are activated and fused with the muscle fibers.


Image result for image of microscopic before and after muscles hypertrophy



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