Hip Arthritis Exercises

Hip Arthritis Exercises

The picture above is from the site physioworks.com.au

According to the Arthritis Rheumatology Journal in 2008 they concluded that strengthening exercises for hip arthritis was an effective treatment.

Arthritis Rheum. 2008 Sep 15; 59(9): 1221–1228. Effect of Therapeutic Exercise for Hip Osteoarthritis Pain: Results of a Meta-Analysis Gabriela Hernández-Molina, MD, MSc, Stephan Reichenbach et al. 
Below are some of the main exercises to help strengthen the hip region.

 One tip I would like to give as a physical therapist of 15 years is that a major physical manifestation of hip arthritis is this:

If a person sits for a prolonged period of time and they are age >60 when they stand up they will limp on the arthritic hip with the first few steps and be in a bent over posture! (Time to see the orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist)



Image result for sitting hip adduction  exercise image
This exercise is called hip adduction. You squeeze a ball in between your legs 30 x, 2 x a day, 5 x a day,  8 weeks
 This exercise is called hip abduction. You use a moderate resistance level theraband and squeeze your knees out while keeping your feet in place. You perform it 30 x, 2 x a day, 5 x a week, 8 weeks.
Image result for bridging exercise image
Perform this exercise 10 x , 2 x a day , 5 x a week , 8 weeks.

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