Rotator cuff pain/tears

Rotator cuff tears and physical therapy

The picture above is fromt he website:

How do I know if I have a rotator cuff tear?

rc ulstrasound

This is an ultrasound picture of a torn region of the rotator cuff.

How would one know if they had rotator cuff tendonitis, a bone spur, a rotator cuff tear, bursitis, a pinched nerve in their neck shooting down to the arm…The most urgent matter would be if you had a rotator cuff tear. You would need to get to an orthopedic shoulder surgeon asap!

You are at fairly high risk of a rotator cuff tear if you meet these criteria…

  1. Overhead sports ie pitcher for baseball
  2. Performing repetitive overhead work consistently ie painting overhead.
  3. Holding a ladder rung, falling from ladder but still were holding onto the ladder rung
  4. Fell on an outstretched arm
  5. You can’t lift your arm up to the side (abduction )to 90 degrees due to pain and weakness
  6. With your elbow bent to 90 degrees it is quite difficult to push your wrist out with force (external rotation)
  7. Your arm hurts with reaching across your body
  8. Your arm hurts a lot at night with trying to sleep

From Clinical experience and other journal articles like the Lancet Journal and Journal of Geriatrics helped in validation of this information. The next sentence from the Journal of Family Practice validates these points as well.

  • 3 simple clinical tests—supraspinatus weakness, weakness in external rotation, and the presence of impingement—were highly predictive of rotator cuff tear. When all 3 tests were positive, or when 2 tests were positive for a patient aged >60 years, there was a 98% chance of the patient having a rotator cuff tear.2 J Fam Pract2006 July;55(7):621-624.

This is a video of a rotator cuff repair procedure linked via video.

Rotator Cuff Repair Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery-Dr. Eric Janssen … 

Here is another site to see with a lot of excellent information about the rotator cuff that is backed by evidence.




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