Shoulder pain

Shoulder impingement/Posture treatment


The picture above is from the website:

Shoulder impingement is a common cause of shoulder pain.  It is typically experienced with people that reach overhead consistently for their job, or do a lot of lifting overhead.  It typically hurts when one reaches across their body and behind the back. It is pinching of the supraspinatus, the biceps,  and or the subacromial busae sac. It can also occur with a posture that is very poor and shoulders forward and a forward head as seen in the picture below.

One major factor that a person can do to help their pain immediately is to work on having a better posture in sitting and standing. You accomplish this  by having your head upright and shoulders back.  A better posture shown that would help reduce impingement is show below.  5/5 star rating for effectiveness of helping shoulders and even neck the good posture alignment picture




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