Physical therapy, foot pain, metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia (1)Physical therapy and metatarsalgia

August 3, 2016


Jon Keller physical therapist

A physical therapist can touch and palpate between your toes and feet bones called the metatarsals and see if you have symptoms associated with metatarsalgia.

The causes may be a shoe that is too narrow at the toes or at the ball of the foot. For example womens high heels that are pointed are a common cause of squeezing the bones together too closely thus pinching the nerves and causing pain and numbness in the feet.

Some other possible causes of numbness in the feet may be…

1. Diabetes

2. A pinched nerve from the lumbar spine/low back area at L5,S1,S2

3. A neuroma- the end of a nerve may be irritated with inflammation and a Dr may need to perform a shot to reduce the inflammation there

A good quick fix may be a metatarsal pad or a shoe insert that has a metatarsal pad already in it.

These insoles are called Aertrex insoles with a metatarsal bump pad placed a little distance proximal or closer to the body away from the metatarsalgia pain area to spread out the foot bones called the metatarsals to lessen the compression of the nerves and is very effective.   These inserts usually cost about 60 dollars.


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