Physical therapy and walking, running injuries, biomechanics corrections

Foot mechanics and physical therapy

pronated-supinated-foot (1)Do physical therapists help with walking or running injuries?

August 1, 2016


Jon Keller MPT, OCS

pronated-supinated-foot (1)

Yes Physical therapists are experts at gait analysis.  They can watch you walk and see if you have excess pronation, excess supination, or a normal gait pattern. They can determine if the cause is due to weak hips, tight IT band, weak foot muscles, structural abnormalities.

What can they do if I pronate my feet too much?

The physical therapist may recommend shoes like the Brooks beast shoe about 150$ or other shoes that have a massive arch.

They can help you obtain the correct inserts like Spenco arch supports about 40 $.

You can go to a podiatrist as well and obtain custom inserts for your feet- insurances mostly do not pay for this at 400$ usually.

Also calf raises 20 x 2 x a day slowly coming down help to strengthen the posterior tibialis partially which helps the arch support.

 More to come on helping the knee, hips, feet following the whole chain of the foot, knee, hip with proper and helpful exercises.


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