Carpal tunnel and physical therapy

Carpal tunnel treatment and physical therapy

Do I have carpal tunnel-can my physical therapist help?

August 5, 2016


Jon Keller physical therapist

Yes your physical therapist can help you determine if you have carpal tunnel, a pinched nerve from the neck from C6,7 region, ulnar nerve symptoms, or  Dequervains symptoms.  The numbness can come from multiple areas but your physical therapist can help you with your Dr. determine with pain testing, an EMG study that tests for the health of the nerve and its conductivity, numbness testing like the sharp/dull test, testing with the Phalen’s test, Tinel’s test and other tests.

The symptoms of carpal tunnel result from compression of the median nerve result in numbness on the palmar side of the wrist in the thumb, pointer finger, third finger, and 1/2 of the fourth finger. The compression usually results from repetitive use on the keyboard or knitting type of activities.

One very effective treatment would be stretching the wrist flexors as shown below. is the picture below showing a wrist flexor stretch. You should perform 3 x 30 seconds every 2 hours.


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