Eye exercises and physical therapy

Eye exercises and physical therapy



Do eye exercises really work?

July 25, 2016

I am Jon Keller MPT, OCS a physical therapist of 15 years and about 5 years ago I started to get really bad headaches and my eyes were hurting a lot. It is very common I learned to get presbyopia by age 40 which is about my age.  This is where your eye muscles don’t focus as well. I went to about 15 optometrists and opticians over the span of 3 years.  Nothing seemed to work with this set of glasses or frames or this new prescription or whatever- nothing was working. I finally was told to try prisms in my glasses.  That made me a little hesitant- I did not want to do that.  Finally an astute optometrist sent me to a specialist optometrist in Ashburn , Virginia that works on kids and adults with eye exercises.  Finally finally finally…. some relief from the headaches and the eye pain and vision difficulties. There were myriad eye exercises he gave me and they worked sooooo well.  One that was very effective was the Brock strategy for exercises with a string and beads. This is what it looks like. It is called vision therapy. My headaches are basically gone, my vision is more crisp, and my eye muscles don’t hurt as much.  There are many aspects of vision therapy. I was reticent at first but it has helped me profoundly.  Here is the youtubelink for excellent instructions and here is a basic picture of what it looks like for the Brock string exercises. You can buy the bead and string online for an inexpensive price. The table above with the eyes moving in different directions has been a great help for my vision as well.



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