Low back pain and physical therapy

Low back pain immediate help and physical therapy ideas

One way to help nagging low back pain

July 26, 2016


Jon Keller physical therapist

According to research by Nachemson http://fonar.com/pdf/spine_vol_24.No.8.pdfXang lumbar disc pressure in the lumbar spine is less with standing versus sitting by about 100 Newtons of force. Laying down on the stomach or prone is about 700 Newtons of force less compression on the lumbar discs.  Walking is a good way to improve nutrition to the lumbar discs as well according to the Cornell researcher and physician Dr Vijah Vad who has several books on back pain.  So get a stand up desk at work, eat standing up, if you are watching TV lay on your stomach up on your elbows.  The physician from Britain named Ghosch went over to Nepal and Africa and found they squatted instead of sat and had much much less incidents of low back pain.  Myriad studies show that in the US 9 out of 10 people will have significant low back pain in their lifetime.  Ergotron.com is one site that has good stand up desks.  They can be made for even 40 at Home Depot- I had a friend do one for me and it has helped my low back pain PROFOUNDLY caused by a bulging disc at L4/5. It has helped reduce sciatica for me as well down the L4 dermatomal region.

A stand up desk for helping low back pain


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